Collection: THE FAIRY

Welcome to the magical world of Letizia's Embroidery Store "Le Fate" collection, an enchanting line of accessories inspired by fairies, flowers, gold glitter crowns, fine lace embroidery, butterflies and meadow princesses and of flower fields. This collection celebrates the magic and fantasy of fairy legends, with a special touch of inspiration from Thumbelina's fairy tale.

The "Le Fate" collection stands out for its lively color palette, which ranges from fuchsia to pink, from gold to light blue and lilac, evoking the reflections of dawn on Mr. Frog's magical pond. Each piece is carefully crafted with high quality materials and finished with exquisite details, which capture the spirit of the fairy world and transform every little girl into the protagonist of her own fairy tale.

Discover the wide range of accessories from the "Le Fate" collection, including butterfly wings, headbands, magic wands and crowns, all made with love and craftsmanship to offer a touch of magic to any occasion.

Immerse yourself in the "Le Fate" collection of Letizia's Embroidery Store and let the magic and enchantment of the fairies envelop you in a world of dreams and fantasy.