Collection: Little Mermaid

Embroidery Store by Letizia is proud to present "La Sirenetta," an exclusive and enchanting collection for newborns and children. Inspired by the magic of the underwater world and the sea princess, the mermaid, our collection encapsulates the elegance and beauty of the underwater realm with a variety of colors and motifs reminiscent of the sea, shells, and white pearls.

The "La Sirenetta" collection is characterized by the use of natural and precious materials, such as cool linen and natural fringe trims, providing comfort and style to the little ones. Among the products featured in the collection, you will find linen sheets, pouches, clutches, fabric bags, terry towels, and exquisite embroideries depicting mermaids.

Our straw bags are adorned with tulle ruffles with micro glitter, while headbands are decorated with embroidered pearls and shells, adding a touch of sophistication and unique charm. The hand-embroidered bags showcase attention to detail and the craftsmanship that distinguishes our brand.

Our layette for newborns in the "La Sirenetta" collection draws inspiration from the captivating tales of mermaids, enveloping your little one in a magical and enchanting atmosphere of the marine world.

"La Sirenetta" is a precious collection designed to celebrate the joy and innocence of childhood, providing children with a unique experience of style and comfort during the special moments of the summer season.