Collection: Hand Embroidered Collars for Babies

Discover the wonderful collars entirely handmade by Embroidery Store by Letizia, the perfect complement to enhance your child's outfit with elegance and sophistication. These hand-embroidered artisanal collars are a unique treasure to add to your little one's wardrobe.

Each collar is crafted from pure linen, a natural and breathable fabric, ideal for the delicate skin of newborns. Their refinement and special details make them a distinctive and chic accessory for any occasion.

Embroidery Store by Letizia's collars are adjustable and fit perfectly around your child's neck thanks to the bow-tie ribbons. This system allows for comfortable and personalized fit, allowing your little one to move and play freely.

Elevate your child's style with these hand-embroidered collars, authentic masterpieces of craftsmanship and a passion for embroidery. Choose from the various models available in our online shop and add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your child's wardrobe.

Don't miss the opportunity to gift your child a unique piece, born from the skill and love for the art of embroidery. Purchase Embroidery Store by Letizia's hand-embroidered collars now and let yourself be captivated by their timeless beauty.