Collection: The Sailor

Welcome to the Sailor collection by Embroidery store Letizia, where the magic of the sea meets the sophistication of natural fibres. This unique collection was inspired by a little prince who plays at being an adventurous sailor, loving to play with his boats along the seashore, in a beautiful old villa overlooking a cliff, with a breathtaking view of the sea and the little boats that ply the waves.

The Sailor is a collection designed for our little explorers, with baby and children's products made entirely of high quality materials and natural fibres, such as pure linen and cotton. The attention to detail and the choice of fine fabrics make each piece a real treasure to be treasured over time.

Among the articles in the collection you will find everything you need for your baby's first layette, such as trousse, sheets, bags, clothing, dou dou, birth bows, terry cloth bathrobes and much more. Each product is embellished with embroidery made from original designs, reflecting Letizia's Embroidery store's affection and dedication to creating unique, quality garments.