Collection: The rocking horse

The rocking horse-inspired newborn collection is an elegant and comfortable line, perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new family member or a special event such as a first birthday. The collection is crafted from high-quality fabrics, including soft cotton, luxurious cashmere and crisp linen, to ensure maximum comfort for your little treasure.

The fabrics are harmoniously combined to create an attractive and cute design, with delicate embroideries embellishing the garments. The rocking horse theme runs throughout the pieces, adding a playful touch to the collection.

Items available in the collection include suspender bloomers, shirts, hair accessories, caps and cardigans, all designed to meet the needs of the newborn and mum. The line is characterized by delicate colors such as hazelnut, light blue, beige and white.

In summary, the rocking horse inspired newborn collection is a great choice to celebrate the arrival of a baby, with high quality fabrics, cute designs and soft colours.