Collection: Asylum

Kindergarten represents a fundamental moment in children's lives, a unique experience in which they learn to develop their first responsibilities and manage their belongings independently in a comfortable and stimulating environment. Our Kindergarten Collection has been designed to accompany little ones in this important step, inspired by the sweetness of the teddy bear and the softness of the clouds.

The Kindergarten collection of Letizia's Embroidery Store offers a range of products designed to make the first day of kindergarten an unforgettable experience:

  • Soft and light quilted backpacks for comfortable and safe transport of everyday objects
  • Towels in soft natural cotton terry, ideal for ensuring excellent absorbency and delicacy on children's skin
  • Set of changing bags, practical and functional to always have everything at hand
  • Soft and comfortable bibs to accompany the little ones' meals
  • Fine tailoring aprons that will protect your clothes during your creative activities
  • Personalized vintage-style briefcases for a touch of elegance and originality

The Asylum Collection of Letizia's Embroidery Store is refined and designed to remain in the hearts and memories of both parents and children. With our adorable puppies and kittens, your little one's best friends, the first day of kindergarten will be an unforgettable adventure.