Collection: Bags

An accurate and complete selection of all the bag models of our brand, designed to meet the needs of parents and children at any time of the day and on any occasion. This collection offers a wide range of bags of different sizes and functions, ideal for accompanying the lives of babies, children and their families.

Within the "Embroidery store di Letizia" bags collection, you will find the perfect solution for every need: from the elegant and refined pochette, to the practical and colorful kindergarten satchel, up to the changing bag, indispensable for traveling with the most little ones. You will also find bags specifically designed for the hospital at the time of delivery, ideal for containing everything that mother and baby need in that special moment.

Each item has been designed to be functional and versatile, suitable for different situations such as travel, days at the beach, sporting activities, visits to grandparents, kindergarten or hospitalization for a birth. The bags collection combines the made in Italy experience with the choice of natural, resistant and sustainable materials, guaranteeing high quality and long-lasting products.

Letizia's Embroidery store is committed to offering practical solutions without sacrificing style and design, creating bags that are perfectly suited to the frenetic pace of modern life. Letizia's Embroidery store bags are practical, functional accessories made with quality materials, respectful of the environment and the health of your little ones.